USGS Geomagnetic Observatories

Blended data is preliminary data that contains all of the same information as the Real-Time Data Display with the addition of Satellite data used to fill in any gaps in the transmitted data.

View Preliminary Data

A graphical display of preliminary data (updated every 12 minutes) for all observatories is available. Each observatory is on a single plot. These plots have each of the data streams for each observatory on a single plot for that observatory.

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Obtaining Recent Preliminary Data

The USGS Geomagnetism Program operates a downlink center in Golden, Colorado for the reception of geomagnetic observatory data via satellite and electronic file exchange. Golden is a Geomagnetic Information Node (GIN) which, as a member of Intermagnet, is one of several GINs located around the world. Intermagnet data, which include those from USGS observatories, are available through the Intermagnet website on their Intermagnet Data Download page. Visit our Download page for more ways to get USGS data.