Station Id: TUC
Location: Tucson, AZ
Latitude: 32.1745°N
Longitude: 110.7337°W
Geomagnetic Latitude: 39.40°N*
Geomagnetic Longitude: 317.37°E*
Elevation: 946 meters
Orientation: HDZF

* IGRF values as of 2015.

Tucson sign


The Geomagnetism Program first established an observatory near Tucson in 1910 on what is now Morris K. Udall Regional Park. The current site, in the Saguaro National Park, was installed in 1996.

Magnetic monitoring in Saguaro National Park (FS-2017-3035)


Tucson magnetic observatory Arizona.
Tucson magnetic observatory Arizona.
The absolutes building at Tucson.
The Absolutes Building at Tucson.
* Pictures courtesy of Jeff Fox