Station Id: FRD
Location: Corbin, VA
Latitude: 38.2047°N
Longitude: 77.3729°W
Geomagnetic Latitude: 47.67°N*
Geomagnetic Longitude: 354.44°E*
Elevation: 69 meters
Orientation: HDZF

* IGRF values as of 2015.

Fredericksburg Sign


The Geomagnetism Program established its first observatory at Cheltenham Maryland in 1900, when the Program was part of the Coast and Geodetic Survey and under the leadership of Drs Louis A. Bauer and John A. Fleming. The observatory was moved to Fredericksburg in 1956, a site which for many years served as the Program’s headquarters. Today, because it has produced high-quality data for so many years, Fredericksburg is one of the world’s most important observatories.

In 1862 a major battle was fought at Fredericksburg Virginia during the American Civil War, a tragic event that cost over 15,000 lives, many of whom are buried at the nearby Fredericksburg National Cemetery.

Other Operations


Fredericksburg magnetic observatory.
Fredericksburg magnetic observatory.*
Main and auxiliary absolutes piers with Zeiss-Jena 010B
Main and auxiliary absolutes piers with Zeiss-Jena 010B Theodolites.*
Townshend and Hartnell working in the variometer building at
      Cheltenham in 1930.
Adjustment of magnetic variometers at the old Cheltenham observatory by S. G. Townshend (left) and A. K. Ludy (right). Photo taken November 1930.
* Pictures courtesy of Jeff Fox