Station Id: BRW
Location: Point Barrow, AK
Latitude: 71.3225°N
Longitude: 156.6231°W
Geomagnetic Latitude: 69.86°N*
Geomagnetic Longitude: 248.51°E*
Elevation: 10 meters
Orientation: HDZF

* IGRF values as of 2015.

Current Weather Conditions
Magnetometer at Barrow Observatory.
Magnetometer at Barrow Observatory.


The Barrow magnetic observatory was established in 1949, with major upgrades in 1957 associated with the International Geophysical Year. The current physical plant was put into place in 1975. The observatory is of particular importance to the Geomagnetism Program because it is the most northerly of all the USGS observatories, being located well within the auroral oval. The observatory is operated with the cooperative assistance of the Global Monitoring Division of NOAA, and in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Other Operations