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Regional Resistivity Models

Geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) flowing along electric power-transmission systems are produced as a result of electromagnetic induction produced in the Earth by geomagnetic disturbances. The depths into the planet to which the geomagnetic fields can penetrate are a function of the skin depth of Earth which can range from a few kilometers to 100's of km. Therefore, to calculate the geoelectric field that drives GIC it is necessary to know how Earth's resistivity structure varies laterally and with depth. (P. Fernberg 2012, One-Dimensional Earth Resistivity Models for Selected Areas of Continental United States and Alaska, EPRI Technical Update 1026430, Palo Alto, CA.)

Location of 1D Earth Resistivity Models with respect to Physiographic Regions of the USA

Coverage areas of regional conductivity profiles.

Regional Resistivity Models